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SANDBOX - v2.0.2 - 2023-11-23


This is a smaller release for new features, but there are many improvements behind the scenes.

The main feature is the addition of the statement endpoint and some error handling.

This release will go into the live environment in 1 week time (Wednesday, 29th November)



  • The first significant improvement is how we deal with our pricing; we are now allowing merchants a much more refined way of pricing as detailed as per currency pairs 💰
  • We have added support for agEUR on all major supported chains.
  • Migrated our test network on Arbitrum to Sepolia as Goerli is now deprecated
  • Improved the status of KYB for corporate entities; merchants now get better and more detailed statuses
  • POST /user now will return an error when the country of residency of the user is not supported
  • Updated our support for TPI transactions; the standard is currently set to recognise any reference with the three letters TPI at any point in the reference, whichever characters are before or after.
  • USD payout support: if a merchant is looking to set up a customer to be able to do a cryptoToFiat transaction to a USD account, please get in touch with Unblock for it to be set up.
  • Merchants will receive information via webhook when the transaction is below the limit with LIMIT_BREACHED type. (limit breached)
  • Token preferences are returned in new format (GET /user-token-preferences) (GET /corporate-token-preferences)
  • GET /fees amount parameter field is now required


No deprecation in this release