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SANDBOX - v2.0.4 - 2024-01-30


We are excited to share some upcoming enhancements and features that will be included in our next release. These improvements have been designed with your feedback and needs in mind, and we believe they will significantly enhance your collaboration experience with Unblock.

This release's most important update is a new option to customise your client's fees. Now, you can tweak fees the way you want! πŸš€ πŸ’°

We also added the ability to softly deactivate users’ bank accounts with Unblock πŸ”΄. Also, when creating a new user, you can specify the token preferences. πŸ’±

Moreover, we add an endpoint that will help you match bank codes with names, particularly for NGN 🏦 We also re-enable NGN transfers with this release.

This release will go into the live environment in 1 week time (Monday, 5th February 2024).