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SANDBOX - v2.0.1 - 2023-10-03


We are going international 🌍 ! We are launching our fiatToCrypto and cryptoToFiat route to the Nigerian Naira 🚀. You can now set up NGN bank accounts for end users in both directions. This feature is on by default for all Merchants with active API keys, but please get in touch to learn more about the commercials. It's a pretty sweet deal 💰

We have also worked a lot on the speed and responsiveness of our API; see the complete list of endpoints affected below.

We are also updating our recipes and our SDK to keep track of the changes in the core API; please ensure you update to the latest version of the SDK to use all these new options.

Finally, we are launching the support of USDT on multiple networks (Polygon, Tron, etc.), on a similar topic; we have now migrated the sandbox environment for Arbitrum to Goerli, as Sepolia is getting deprecated.

Endpoint speed improvements

  1. POST /user
  2. Both auth endpoints
  3. POST /corporate
  4. POST /corporate/{corporate_uuid}/user
  5. POST /user/bank-account/unblock
  6. POST /user/bank-account/remote
  7. POST /user/kyc/applicant
  8. PUT /user/kyc/document
  9. POST /user/kyc/verification


  1. GET /supported/{metadata} ability to pull the list of countries, currencies and chains supported via API
  2. GET /corporate/{corporate_uuid}/kyb/applicant/url get the URL for KYB process for corporate users.
  3. Webhook now return chain and bankAccountUuid1 and exchangRate at the point where it is known


  1. PATCH /user/token-preferences added options for USDT on all the supported chains; see full details here
  2. GET /fees updated the structure of the returned items and updated the payment_method key options
  3. POST /user/bank-account/unblock added NGN as an option
  4. GET /user/bank-account/unblock added details for NGN accounts
  5. GET /user/bank-account/unblock/{uuid} added details for NGN accounts
  6. GET /user/wallet/{chain} added TRON as an option
  7. POST /user/bank-account/remote added option for NGN bank accounts and local payment rails in Nigeria
  8. GET /user/bank-account/remote added NGN accounts


No deprecation in this release