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SANDOBX - v2.0.0 - 2023-08-29


This is a significant overhaul of our first MVP version of our API; outside the changes and additions to the API, we have also drastically improved our performance and monitoring. We hope these changes enhance your developer experience and welcome any feedback.

This SANDBOX release is planned to be released to production within two weeks. Another change log will be published at the time of release.

We have also released our Reference UI design files for the convenience of our Merchants: https://docs.getunblock.com/v2.0.0/docs/reference-user-experience-for-the-individual-api


  1. New Guides for all you might need before, during and after your development, with some walk thought on how to do the primary operations with our API: https://docs.getunblock.com/v2.0.0/docs/welcome-to-unblock
  2. A series of Recipes to walk you through some code examples: https://docs.getunblock.com/v2.0.0/recipes
  3. API logs so Merchants can go back in older calls they have done and review responses: https://docs.getunblock.com/v2.0.0/logs
  4. This change log 👏 https://docs.getunblock.com/v2.0.0/changelog
  5. POST /fees/: which will return fees for a specific Merchant for a specific transaction type
  6. POST /user/kyc/verification: allows a Merchant to change the KYC status of an individual in the Sandbox environment for ease of development
  7. GET /process/ get all the details of a process (fiatToCrypto and cryptoToFiat)
  8. All our Corporate endpoints, allowing the automation of most of the onboarding process:
    1. Management
      1. POST /corporate create a Corporate
      2. PATCH /corporate/{corporate_uuid} Update a Corporate
      3. GET /corporate/{corporate_uuid} Get the details of a corporate
      4. POST /corporate/{corporate_uuid}/user Add an Individual to a Corporate with a specific role
      5. DELETE /corporate/{corporate_uuid}/user/{user_uuid} Remove an Individual role from a Corporate
      6. GET /corporate/{corporate_uuid}/transactions Get all the transaction of a Corporate
      7. GET /corporate/{corporate_uuid}/token-preferences Get the token preference of a Corporate entity
      8. PATCH /corporate/{corporate_uuid}/token-preferences Update the default token preference of a Corporate
    2. Converting Fiat to Crypto
      1. POST /corporate/{corporate_uuid}/bank-account/unblock create an Unblock bank account
      2. GET /corporate/{corporate_uuid}/bank-account/unblock Get all the Unblock bank accounts details
      3. GET /corporate/{corporate_uuid}/bank-account/unblock/{account_uuid} Get the details of an Unblock bank account by UUID
    3. Converting Crypto to Fiat
      1. GET /corporate/{corporate_uuid}/wallet/{chain} Get the wallet address for a Corporate on a given chain
      2. POST /corporate/{corporate_uuid}/bank-account/remote Setup remote / destination bank account for cryptoToFiat transactions
      3. GET /corporate/{corporate_uuid}/bank-account/remote Get the details of all target / remote bank account
      4. PATCH /corporate/{corporate_uuid}/bank-account/remote Update the default target / remote bank account
      5. GET /corporate/{corporate_uuid}/bank-account/remote/{account_uuid} Get details of a remote bank account by uuid
    4. Know your business (KYB)
      1. GET /corporate/{corporate_uuid}/kyb/checklist get all the documents needed for KYB to be processed.
  9. We have removed the Individual's UUID from the path of all the Individual endpoints for ease of development and ease of use in the documentation. This is now inferred from the session_id
  10. We have added the user uuid in the HEADER for all GET endpoints. Merchants can now use this with the API key to gather information about their users without requiring authentication.


Get ready, its a big one!

  1. POST /auth/login response for OTP request is now an empty object and a 204
  2. POST /auth/otp/ response to the OTP object now contains the user uuid and the json key have changed, path of the URL is changed to be more secured
  3. POST /user/kyc/applicant converted from PUT to POST
  4. PUT /user/{user_uuid}/kyc/document removed the unnecessary file name json key, rename type and subtype by document_type and document_subtype
  5. Webhooks standards have changed: https://docs.getunblock.com/v2.0.0/docs/webhooks-standards



By the time this Log goes live all these endpoint are now going to return a 404

  1. GET /transaction-fee/
  2. POST /auth/login/session?user_uuid={user_uuid}&code={code}
  3. GET /process/offramp/{process_uuid}
  4. GET /process/onramp/{process_uuid}
  5. GET /user/{user_uuid}/kyc/document