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SANDBOX - v2.1.1 - 2024-04-03


A new chain is added! 🌟 The current release is dedicated to the Solana (SOL) chain.

During this release, we additionally validate and enhance the user and corporate flow endpoints. Moreover we worked on some smaller adjustments to simplify the operations.

For webhooks we've added KYC_NEEDED status, when new user is created you will be able to see when KYC is required to finish the process.

This release will go into the production environment in one week's time (Tuesday, 10th April 2024).

Moreover we migrated Polygon Mumbai into Polygon Amoy, therefore all onramp and offramp transactions will be using the new network on Sandbox. 🔴 Mumbai support among the community has been depreciating and we decided to follow the trend.



🔍 Please refer to the following enpoints related with adding Solana chain and removing NGN currency:

Guides changes: