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We maintain a few environements to help you in your build process.

Unblock runs two environments, and each environment has two stages.


Sandbox environment

Sandbox does not interact with real payment rails or does not use real money.

Sandbox also only interacts with the test networks of the different blockchains we support. You are able to "mint" simulated crypto tokens for each of these test networks (see how here)

You are able to simulate KYC and KYB states in these environments, any documents can be uploaded and a user can be approved / rejected using this endpoint

All data on the sandbox environments is deleted and reset to 0 every 2 weeks.

  • Public: This state of the Sandbox environment is publicly accessible. It is meant to be used by developers to kickstart the implementation. It is reachable via the URL: https://sandbox.getunblock.com using the public API key


Sandbox public api keys

The public sandbox API key: API-Key +74/0TAhXh0sFWyaeoHcY7XfVCAEqLvIwqKnOz7rjHB5a36By9E3ibevU09zNWNQ

  • Private: Each merchant's state of the Sandbox environment is private. You will have a private API key, and all the parameters of this environment can be set to your preference to replicate your Production environment (pricing, webhooks URL and secrets, etc.) To set up a Private environment, see the Going live page.


Production environment

Production can interact with real fiat and crypto. The data is permanent and you will not be able to simulate any states.

Production interacts with the mainnet of the different blockchains we support and only the real tokens should be used.

No KYC or KYB states can be simulated here, only real data will be processed and passed.

API keys between the 2 states of Production are shared, Pre should really be used as a transition state before you go fully live. Please check Going live to get your API key for this environment.

  • Pre: This state allows onboarded merchants to try a full production account with real fiat and real crypto limited to a maximum volume of 100 Euros set on the whole account. This means across all end users' accounts, currencies, chains, and payment methods.
  • Live: This is a full production account used for all your end-users. This is your final state, all data here is permanent, monitored and auditable. There are no limits on transaction value or total volume.