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A short check list of things we need you to complete before you can get started integrating with our payments service.

Before you begin integrating with our payments service, there are a few things you must have & some things we must have from you.

Fill quick onboarding form

Ensure you filled out a quick onboarding form here; it won't take more than 5 minutes, and it will give us all the information we need to set you up with your Private Sandbox and Pre-Production account with all your settings.

🔈 Join Slack

We will create a dedicated Slack channel for your team to ensure you get timely feedback and support from our engineering and product team throughout the integration process. You will have access to 2 engineers and at least one integration manager.

📎 Read our documentation

Familiarise yourself with the capabilities of our platform for individuals or corporates; we have in-depth guides that will help you through the basics of the API; please read and ask any questions.

🔑 API keys

The emails that will have been provided in the onboarding form will be sent a 1password temporary link with your Private Sandbox API key and your Production API key. Each link is valid for the specific email address and only for 30 days, we invite you to save this password in your infrastructure.


Dashboard Coming Soon!

We will soon be launching our easy to use dashboard that will ensure your team is easily onboarded and have all the necessary developer tools to get started!