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Welcome to Unblock

This page will help you get started with Unblock's payments service. You'll be up and running in no time!

Introduction 👋

Welcome to Unblock's Payments API! Our API enables Merchants across the World to provide their customers, whether Individuals or Corporations, with a way to move value in and out of web3, but also to do cross-border and currency payments using modern payment rails. Yes- one API key to effortlessly unlock payments across the world!

What value does our API unlocks 🌟

  • Access to 80+ regions with one API key, one process
  • Your customer, your UX, we are just the plumbing
  • Cheap, fast and reliable transactions


Our API is constantly a work in progress

We are working closely with our Merchants to build better features and make better products for their Users. We would love to get your feedback, so join us on Slack, and please keep an eye on our Changelog to stay up to date with our API changes.