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Going live

A helpful list of checks to perform before launching your Unblock intergration

🚀 Go Live Checklist

Before you start processing any real payments, please make sure you have completed all the main steps below:

🏖️ Sandbox implementation and Pre - Production testing sign off

Once you have completed testing in Private Sandbox, our team will need to review your implementation in your Pre Production environment and sign off before providing you with your Live Production credentials. This can include a recording of your solution end-to-end or a 1:1 run-through session with our engineering teams.

You can book a review of your solution with the engineering team here

✍️ Sign commercial contracts

We will discuss commercials with your team throughout your integration. However, this commercial agreement must be finalised and signed before you receive your Production API keys. Your agreement will also include the cost structure and details of whether you want to add fees on top of the Unblock fee or subsidise some transactions.

📘 Production API keys activation

Once the commercial agreement is signed, your Pre-Production API keys will be activated for full production access.

🤝 Share your launch date

When you are ready to launch, please share your go-live date with us so that we can ensure adequate support to monitor the services and ensure the smoothest go-live possible 🚀.