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How to do a fiatToCrypto transaction with USD

For US Dollars, Unblock has a different way of supporting its Corporate users. This uses a referencing system.


USD does not support named accounts

User's are about to acquire USD pegged stable coins using US Dollars but only via a reference system, there are therefore no named accounts to be created

1. Setup a new user and sign-in

This applies to either Corporates or Individuals; this can be seen in the following recipes:

Make sure to store the user_uuid or corporate_uuid

2. KYC the user

This can be done following this guide Guide to KYC a user

3. Making a transfer to trigger the fiatToCrypto transaction

All users (Individual or Corporate) will need to transfer the USD to these account details:

Bank Account Holder Name: Unblock LT UAB
Account Number: 344242664391
ABA Code: 021214891
Banking Institution: Cross River Bank

It is VERY IMPORTANT to add in the reference of the payment a reference like the following:

TPI-{{8 last character of user_uuid}} or TPI-{{8 last character of corporate_uuid}}

Here is the list of the supported types of payment methods

If the payment does not include the reference, the money will NOT be returned until our support team is contacted via the operational Slack channel or email.